Answered By: Dan Ross
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017     Views: 480

Milne Library has a growing number of textbooks available to borrow through our Textbooks on Reserve program. If the textbook you're requesting belongs to that collection, then we cannot borrow a copy for you from another library. Our agreements with other libraries state that we won't try to borrow items from another library that are readily available in Milne.  Reserve materials are short-term loans, meaning we consider them to be readily available. 

If the textbook you need is not located in our Textbooks on Reserve collection, then we will try to get you a copy. However, please note the following:

  • Sometimes we will purchase a copy of the textbook you requested and place it in our Textbooks on Reserve collection. When it arrives, you will be notified and can check it out for the standard 4-hour loan period.
  • The newest editions of textbooks are often difficult to borrow through interlibrary loan. Many libraries won't let other libraries borrow their textbooks because they also have them on reserve for their students. In other cases, the books are so popular that they are simply checked out.
  • If we can get your textbook from another library, be prepared for a short due date. Most interlibrary loan books can be borrowed for 4-8 weeks -- not nearly long enough for a full semester class. To avoid being billed for keeping textbooks beyond those due dates, we recommend that you make alternate arrangements if your book is coming due. This can include submitting another IDS request so that we can try to get you a copy from another library.


We understand textbooks are expensive and we'll do the best we can to provide you with low-cost access to as many titles as possible -- either through our reserves collections or through interlibrary loan. In a pinch, however, we suggest you explore buying used copies, or even renting, from or In many cases you can avoid paying full price, and pay less than the bookstore.